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Our languages tie usto the land and give us our identity

7 letter word for language? Culture Language is culture

Every 2 weeks somewhere in the worlda language is lost

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Miromaa Language Centre is a not-for-profit organisation supporting language documentation and conservation programs nationally and internationally.

We are the developers of the internationally recognised and highly acclaimed Miromaa language technology program which is used for the documentation, conservation and dissemination of our traditional languages. The Miromaa Program has been obtained for use in over 150 plus languages all over Australia and many more internationally.

As well as the continual development of the Miromaa Program, we also administrate two major national language initiatives; coordinating and hosting the Puliima National Indigenous Language and Technology Forum every two years and also creating and managing the Our Languages Website.

Language is the expression of our culture and our land. We cannot have one without the other. We cannot describe our culture and our land if we do not have language.
(Queensland Indigenous Languages Advisory Committee, 2006) 

Photo: Aunty Phyllis Darcy, Terri-Lee Darcy and Jacqui Allen wearing possum skin cloaks.


Miromaa Language Technology Program

Miromaa has full multi-media capabilities for the attaching of multiple sound, video and still images to each piece of language evidence recorded, it can store all of your digitised documents including PDF's, Word and Excel document formats. Miromaa can import and export from some of the major analytical linguistic software programs such as Lexicpro, Audacity and Toolbox, which are used internationally, so that your work can benefit future users and you can take benefit of previous work which may have been done on your own language.

   miromaascreen   lexicpro

                    Miromaa                                                                                   Lexique Pro

As you can see from the map image below, the Miromaa Language Technology Program is being used all over Australia to support the maintenance and documentation of hundreds of Aboriginal languages. These tools are also being used internationally, including New Zealand, Canada and North America.

     audacitysmall   MiromaaUsersSnapshot

                  Audacity                                                                                Miromaa Users


Aboriginal Languages

For over 60,000 years and 2500 generations over one billion Aboriginal people have walked this land together...

Today we still walk, but we have more hands to hold. This will forever continue as we travel on our journey protecting our country, protecting our land, protecting our culture, protecting our language and protecting our people.


Latest Version - 3.5.1

Over 200 language programs, organisations, families and individual users in Indigenous nations across Australia, Canada, North America, New Zealand.

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auntterrisurfestPictured left is Aunty Phyllis Darcy and her granddaughter Terri-lee Darcy performing the Welcome to Country at the Indigenous Classic Surfest February 2014.

This is just one of many events that Aunt Phyllis and Terri-lee have opened together and we are proud to see elders and young people coming together to share the culture and language knowledge with each other and with the community. 

Photo: Surfest Media, Merewether Beach.

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