How Coal Was Made

The Awabakal people spoke of a volcanic eruption that occurred during the Dreaming, in the area now known as Redhead. An ancient volcanic plug is believed to exist in the Redhead area. The Awabakal name of this volcano is Kintiiyirapiin.

A long time ago a great darkness came over the land. The darkness came from a hole in a mountain and blocked out the sunlight. The people and animals were all very frightened.

Messengers were sent out to gather up the people to have a yarn about how they could bring back the sunlight. The elders decided that they needed to cover up the darkness that was all over the ground. The men, women and children collected rocks, sand, branches and bark which they laid on the ground to cover up the thick darkness.

After the darkness was covered many generations walked on the ground pressing the earth flames and darkness together, which created coal or nikin in Awabakal.

Now when coal is burnt the ancient earth fire spirit is released.

Welcome to Country

What is the difference between a Welcome to Country and an Acknowledgment of Country?
Who can do a Welcome to Country?


Possum Skin Cloaks

Possum Skin Cloaks are very important to Awabakal people. These cloaks hold knowledge and stories from our ancestors in the designs.


Awabakal Dreaming

The Awabakal people have many Dreaming stories. These stories have been passed down through the generations from our elders and our ancestors.


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