The Lizard Rock

The story of Lizard Rock is similar to that of Tittalik. Yet the Lizard’s appetite was for food rather than water.

The Lizard ate everything he could see. He ate animals and people. He kept on eating and eating and growing bigger and bigger.

Then one day the Lizard ate a Kangaroo. The Kangaroo was not very happy about this and started to jump up and down inside the Lizard’s stomach. The Lizard soon began to feel ill, just like when someone has had too much to eat.

The Kangaroo kept on jumping and jumping, until he jumped right through the Lizard’s stomach. It was big enough for everyone and everything to jump out.

The Lizard suffered a similar fate to the Frog, and was turned into stone. He also remains in Wollombi to remind all of the fate of greed.

Welcome to Country

What is the difference between a Welcome to Country and an Acknowledgment of Country?
Who can do a Welcome to Country?


Possum Skin Cloaks

Possum Skin Cloaks are very important to Awabakal people. These cloaks hold knowledge and stories from our ancestors in the designs.


Awabakal Dreaming

The Awabakal people have many Dreaming stories. These stories have been passed down through the generations from our elders and our ancestors.


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