Version History

The current version for Miromaa is 3.3.8

If you are connected to the Internet please use your UPDATE feature on the Main Menu screen to upgrade to the latest version.

If you are not connected to the Internet please contact us for an update CD to be posted to you.

All enquiries are to be addressed directly to Miromaa ALTC

P | +61 02 4954 6899

E | miromaa AT

Please replace the word AT with the @ symbol to eliminate unwanted spam.

Detailed Version History for Miromaa3

Miromaa 3.3.8

* Fixed an issue with About Page Document Attachments.
* Changed size of Export screen to improve look and feel.
* Changed name of Custom Labels.
* Added Acknowledgements to the About Miromaa screen.

Miromaa 3.3.7

* Changed "Source" fields in Export to distinguish between Source Code and Source Activity.
* Changed default new DAT file location to My Documents.
* Fixed an issue where deleting a user and readding them with the same name gives an error.
* Changed 'Other' to 'activity' in Multimedia List.
* Added Options - Custom Labels, to change labels for some fields in the main screens.
* Added ability for Export to save 'Extra MMs'.
* Added Source link in the main window.
* Added "About " in the menu bar to show a window with a document.
* Added option to attach an HTML or PDF file to the About window for a language.

Miromaa 3.3.6

* Fixed an issue where Miromaa failed on 64bit computers.

Miromaa 3.3.5

* Fixed an issue where Extra Information fields were cut short in Word Lists.
* Fixed an issue where Detailed English to Aboriginal Word Lists had Aboriginal on the left instead of English.

Miromaa 3.3.4

* Fixed an issue where the default MiromaaDat file was not being updated along with Miromaa 3.

Miromaa 3.3.3

* Fixed issue where user rights could prevent registry from being read and then a data file failing to load.
* Fixed an issue that could prevent entries from being removed from the Archive.
* Fixed an issue where Leaving the Arhive screen could cause Miromaa to crash.

Miromaa 3.3.2

* Changed an alert message in Import that was not well defined.

Miromaa 3.3.1

* Fixed issue where "Clear" button was not working for the Notepad.

Miromaa 3.3.0

* Fixed issue where changes made to a word are not always saved when switching to Learner.
* Removed "Skip 10", Undo and Save from the navigator.
* Changed the icon of Delete to "X" in the navigator.
* Added a resize grip in the bottom right corner of the window.
* Changed the navigator to be slightly bigger.
* Updated email and web links within the program.
* Removed Language/Learn/Tools from the left hand menu.
* Fixed issue where Todos may not display properly
* Fixed issue where Search tool could still be used in Learner screen
* Fixed issue where changing the custom fields did not alter the labels in some places.
* Changed "Find" to "Go To"
* Changed the location of the Word ID to the Status Bar on the right.
* Fixed issue where an empty left hand menu could still be visible on the Entry Screen.
* Added Save to the File menu.
* Added tooltips to the Controls Section.
* Added a button for "Remove Filter" in the search box.
* Changed Databases custom field from "Language" to "View".
* Added an option to change the skin.
* Added "Notepad".
* Added an Edit Menu with Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste and Select All.
* Added metadata for Checked By, Locked By and Archived By
* Added option to sort main records by Word ID, Language or English in the Status Bar.
* Added saving of Last Database and Default Skin to the Registry.
* Fixed an issue where Locked option was not acting as expected.
* Changed the Layout of some of the screens.
* Fixed an issue where ToDos could not work under certain circumstances.
* Fixed a bug that could occur when creating a new Data File.

Miromaa 3.2.0

* Fixed issue with Word Category and Part of Speech lists in Word Entry screen.
* Removed display of database field name from the Export screen.
* Removed version '3' reference from Miromaa during use.
* Changed the Title of the program window to reflect the language being edited.
* Fixed the Menu window not being centred in some situations.
* Changed all references to "Aboriginal" to now reflect the language being edited.
* Added a new field for Original Recorded Sentence Translation.
* Changed the name of some fields to make them more accurate.
* Changed the layout of the screens.
* Added two buttons to copy a Word to it's Original Record.
* Fixed an issue that could occur when using different versions of Miromaa with the one Database where a failed update would falsely be detected.

Miromaa 3.1.1

* Fixed issue with fresh install not including MiromaaDat.mdb file.
* Fixed an issue where a long path name for the multimedia directory would cause unwanted GUI changes.

Miromaa 3.1.0

* Added the import feature
* Fixed an issue with Multimedia not refreshing on the Learner screen.

Miromaa 3.0.4

* Fixed an issue when deleting a user that has assigned ToDos.
* Fixed an issue when adding a new word from Editor/Linguist screen.

Miromaa 3.0.3

* Added functionality for Viewing Multiple Multimedia in the Learner screen.

Miromaa 3.0.2

* Added Multiple Multimedia functionality.
* Added a the option the add a new user to the current language.
* Fixed an issue when choosing "No" when prompted whether or not to enter the Archive screen.
* Fixed an issue When adding multimedia that could prevent the entry from being saved correctly.
* Fixed an issue when selecting Archive from the splash menu could remove the menu without showing the Archive screen.
* Fixed an issue when closing Miromaa 3 it could prompt to close multiple times.

Miromaa 3.0.1

* Fixed a problem when creating a new Language File.

Miromaa 3.0.0

* Initial version


Detailed Version History for Miromaa2

Changelog 2.9.11

* Added check for updates to main menu.
* Renamed and numbered options in options screen.
* visual changes/Tips/Instructions added to various option screens for language setup and security areas.
* updated contact details on main menu

Changelog 2.9.10

* Fixed search results to table in Language Worker/Linguist/Archived Words.

Changelog 2.9.09

* Fixed Language Worker/Linguist/Archived Words being filtered when opening the form.

Changelog 2.9.08

* Fixed a couple of spelling mistakes.

Changelog 2.9.07

* Fixed an issue with Language worker not displaying Words uncer certain circumstances.

Changelog 2.9.06

* Made the mini-keyboard hidden by default in the Linguist screen.
* Fixed issue with displaying search from Language worker in a table not displaying the correct results.

Changelog 2.9.05

* Added the ability to use the mini keyboard for all fields in Language Entry, Language Worker and Linguist forms.
* Added a new visibility of 'Restricted' for Language Worker and Linguist forms.
* Added a 'please wait' window appearing when checking for updates.
* Removed the year from the copyright statement
* Change the way the 'custom fields' form is opened so that the current word is shown.
* Fixed issue in reports where databases with multiple languages would sometimes show the wrong language
* Fixed issue with words with blank 'aboriginal word' or blank 'original spelling' not showing.
* Added buttons for more special characters into Language Entry, Language Worker and Linguist forms
* Added an 'add source' button and 'page reference' field to the language entry form

Changelog 2.9.04

* Added check to prevent adding words starting with a dot.
* Fixed issue with the MMData folder structure
* Fixed issue with word entry screen not being able to enter information
* Added functionality for the Diacretic Keyboard to add to more fields.
* Version now tied to a table in the application database.
* Added an 'Export Language' button in the Admin Menu which allows the user to export the current language.
* Changed the folder structure for new languages and new language databases (but still compatible with the old structure)
* Moved buttons on loging screen to change the database file and create a new one below a line.
* Fixed minor spelling errors on Language Worker and Linguist forms (added space to "TranslatedSentence" and corrected "Sentance")
* Created a new Language entry form.
* Fixed problem with search boxes in Linguist form not being aligned.
* Changed acknowledgement field in the Main Menu
* Added button to launch program 'Audacity' in the Language Worker form.
* Added a source combo box in Language Entry form.
* Added confirmation before deleting a language.
* Fixed Source combo box in Linguist form to now show two columns.
* Cancelling selecting a different database no longer quits.
* When selecting a different database, you are returned to the login screen to log into that database
* You can now change to a different database or create a new database from the login screen
* Fixed issue with not being able to change the custom fields when adding a new language to a database
* When creating a new language, you must then log into that language to change its custom fields
* Creating a new language resets the custom headings to language worker, language learner and tools.
* Implemented update feature to update from a web site.
* Fixed Search form not finding all records.
* Fixed Search For in Linguist form.
* Fixed Archive words appearing in Language Learners form.
* Made changes to the look of the Installation web page.
* Made batch files to automate the process of making the Installation Package

YouTube Channel

Miromaa now has its own YouTube Channel which includes video tutorials for the Miromaa Language Database Program and other language related videos. 

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Obtaining Miromaa

Miromaa can only be obtained by requesting a license from us. This is done by two methods, firstly purchasing a license or secondly requesting sponsorship of a license.


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