Miromaa Purchase License Request Form

Please Read FIRST

You are completing this form because you are requesting to purchase Miromaa Licenses.

Please foreward seperately to us a Purchase Order form with all necessary details to fax no 02 4925 2185 as well as completing the below form details.

Pricing is as follows:

1 to 4 licenses @ $550 each license (Full price – no discount)
5 to 10 licenses @ $360 each license (saving of approx. 33%)
11 or more licenses @ $275 each license (saving of approx. 50%)
All pricing includes GST

Please ensure that you do not qualify to obtain Miromaa via our sponsorship, if you do qualify we will provide Miromaa to you free of charge.

By completing this form I understand that I may be contacted for further information in regards to my language activities in the context of how Miromaa may be used and my suitability to receive Miromaa.

We reserve the right to refuse purchases of Miromaa which could be used in situations which we deem inappropiate.

This license if granted will permit me to install Miromaa on a computer for the specified organisations use only.

If you have any questions in how to complete this form please do not hesitate to contact us, we cant wait to help you obtain Miromaa.

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YouTube Channel

Miromaa now has its own YouTube Channel which includes video tutorials for the Miromaa Language Database Program and other language related videos. 

GO TO YouTube

Obtaining Miromaa

Miromaa can only be obtained by requesting a license from us. This is done by two methods, firstly purchasing a license or secondly requesting sponsorship of a license.


Miromaa FAQ's

Can I have more than 1 language in Miromaa?
How do I backup my work?
Can I save my data to a memory stick and how do I do this?


Miromaa Enquiry

13 - 15 Watt Street
Newcastle NSW 2300

02 4927 8222

miromaa AT acra.org.au