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Awabakal Stories

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How Coal Was Made

The Awabakal people spoke of a volcanic eruption that occurred during the Dreaming, in the area now known as Redhead. An ancient volcanic plug is believed to exist in the Redhead area. The Awabakal name of this volcano is Kintiiyirapiin....

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Malangbula - The Petrified Women of Swansea Heads

According to Awabakal lore, a long time ago, the two upright rock forms at Swansea Heads were once women.

The two women were turned to stone after getting into trouble from an Awabakal warrior. The reason for them being in trouble is not clearly told....

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Tiddalik The Greedy Frog

Another Dreaming site in the Hunter Region is that of the often related Tiddalik the Frog story. The story has been published in several different versions, and as with many traditional beliefs there are different levels of understanding depending on the levels of learning one has encountered....

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When the Moon Cried

Belmont Lagoon is another important Dreaming site of the Awabakal. This belief relates to the Creation era when the Moon was a man spirit who never shone a full face. At the same time the Sun, a female spirit, when seen, was always a full face...  

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