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Backing Up


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Let’s get serious here for a second...it is impossible to overstate the importance of backing up your work regularly! It’s so easy and takes 1 minute.

What is a back up?

A back up is another copy (or copies) of your work, somewhere other than your computer such as a hard drive. In case something happens to your computer, we will be able to restore all of your work. We have seen computers break, be lost stolen etc...it happens.

Where should I keep my back ups?

There are a few different options which we will explain more on page 5. We recommend making a back up at the end of every day and another, in a different location at least every week, so you have 3 copies...just in case.

Why back up?

We have people lose their work often, those that back it up are able to recover it, but those who don’t lose it. Some examples of how this happens is when computers crash, are lost or stolen.

Your work is valuable and so is the time you spent doing it. We can’t encourage you enough to back up your work regularly. Back up, back up, back up, back up, back up, back up, back up, back up, back up, back up, back up back up!!!

Please create a backup at the end of each day.


Also, did we mention...back up!

How Do I Back Up?

  1. Navigate to your ‘Miromaa Language Work’ folder (or whatever you have named your outermost folder):

  2. Right click on the folder. Select ‘Copy’ from the drop-down menu that appears
  3. Navigate to the drive you are using for your backups. We are using an external hard drive called ‘Miromaa_BU’


  4. Create a folder for your backups, we have creatively named ours ‘Backup Miromaa’.
  5. Double click on your backup folder to get inside it
  6. Right click in the space and select ‘Paste’:


  7. Your ‘Miromaa Language Work’ folder that you copied in step 2 should appear

    As you keep saving copies each day the computer will automatically name them Copy 1,2,3, you can see from the ‘Date Modified’ column which is most recent.

    Congratulations you have backed up your precious work!

    Please back up at the end of every day.

Where Should I Keep My Back Ups?

There are many different places you can keep your back ups of your precious language work, here are some of them:

We recommend buying an external hard drive. It should be of the best quality possible, as some are much more likely to break down than others. Your language work will not need a huge amount of space so buy quality over size. Some brands that we recommend are Lacie and Buffalo (they haven’t given us any money to say that but we wish they would!).

Windows 8 or Above Users - Windows 8 comes with an inbuilt program called File History that you can set to do regular backups onto an external hard drive for you.
Please click on the following links for more information: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-AU/windows-8/set-drive-file-history
Windows Vista and Windows 7 - You can use the inbuilt Backup and Restore: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/1838/using-backup-and-restore-inwindows-7/

You can back up onto a USB but only if you have other backups since USB sticks are unreliable and prone to being lost easily.

Dropbox or other cloud storages offer accounts for free, you just need to sign up. The benefit of having a backup stored in the cloud is that if something should happen such as flood or fire you would still have a copy of all of your work. There are additional benefits of working from Dropbox including being able to work with others from the same Miromaa database from different computers.