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Entering Words Into The Editor


Handy Guide

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NOTE:  Images and instructions may vary from time to time as we are always constantly upgrading the Miromaa software.

The video above will be the most current representation

The Editor is where you will do most of your work in Miromaa. You will get to know this screen very well!


This is a re-cap of the summary of the features of the Editor, that you will use to enter words. All of these featured are described in detail in The Editor Tour chapter.

  1. Key Information
    This is where you enter:
    - Words and sentences
    - Their translation

  2. Library, Controls, Knowledge and Classification
    In this section are the:
    2a - Library Panel - here you can attribute your entry to the source from your library
    2b - Control Panel - control access to each individual word according to protocols and permissions, as well as decide on it’s inclusion in exports
    2c - Notes Panel - enter cultural knowledge, extra information and linguistic information
    2d - References Panel - enter grammatical tagging and assign word category
    2e - Custom Fields Panel - add your own categories

  3. Multimedia
    Here you can:
    - Attach images, audio, videos and activities
    - Record audio by connecting with Audacity.
      See the Working with Audacity chapter for more information.
    - Move position of connected multimedia
    - Rename connected multimedia

  4. Navigation
    In this area you can:
    - Add entries (+)
    - Delete entries (x)
    - Navigate through entries one at a time (<) and (>)
      Navigate to the first or last of your words (<<) and (>>)
    - Find out the ID number of each word - View username of user currently connected
    - View connected database
    - ‘Sort By’ feature

Entering Language Via the Editor For The First Time

You are now ready to start entering language! Once you have logged into Miromaa you will be greeted by the Main Menu:

a. Click on `Editor’


This will bring you to the Editor, your screen should look like this, you can’t enter a word yet, the fields are greyed out.


We will now take you through entering your first word in Miromaa in the Key Information chapter....