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Software to save our languages

Story by Britta Lyster, Koori Mail, 9th September 2009

Aboriginal languages throughout Australia have been given a much better chance at survival with the distributin of an award-winning computer program aimed at reviving traditional languages.

Talking in tongues

Sydney Morning Herald, 29th March 2008

In Newcastle, the Arwarbukarl Cultural Resource Association is building technology that allows Indigenous communities to rebuild language and has trained 20 communities around Australia in how to use it, with sponsorship from Microsoft.

The race is on to save Indigenous languages and the Hunter is leading the way...

raceisontnABC Newcastle, 21st April 2008

Grandmother Aunt Phyllis is learning to speak Awabakal for the first time - the local Indigenous dialect once spoken here in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie district before it disappeared.

The tongue of the town

Newcastle Herald, 8th February 2011

"Minaring woka?" is Awabakal for "What's up?".

The Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre is offering the opportunity to to learn other Awabakal words and phrases. 

Tradition meets Technology

Dimension Data Newsletter, 2007

Of more than 250 indigenous languages once spoken throughout Australia, only 20 remain secure today.

Training on new Indigenous Language Program

Torres News Online, Sunday 2nd May 2010

Members of the Language and Culture team at Tagai State College have recently completed some training with the Miromaa Aboriginal Technology Centre.


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