The tongue of the town

Newcastle Herald, 8th February 2011

"Minaring woka?" is Awabakal for "What's up?".

The Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre is offering the opportunity to to learn other Awabakal words and phrases. 

And Jacqui Allen, from the centre, is out to promote more interest at the start of the new school year.

She wants the parents or teachers of interested students to make contact.

"We have heaps of fun activities like storytelling, games, songs and lots more to help you learn the Awabakal language," Ms Allen said.

"We also have lots of cool books, posters and games available to purchase so you can keep learning at home."

"Think how great it will be to speak another language, especially one that comes from your home town of Newcastle."

The commitment to cultural and language awareness in Awabakal country through the centre began in 2002.

The centre's focus is on the reclaimation of the Awabakal language.

Staff conduct education in preschools, primary schools and high schools bringing awareness to the importance that Awabakal language has on cultural identity.

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