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You are completing this form because you are an Indigenous person working directly on maintaining a traditional language, the license that you are requesting here will be owned by an individual and by completing this form you are hereby requesting that Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Centre sponsor you to obtain Miromaa at no cost. By completing this form you understand that you may be contacted for further information in regards to your language activities in the context of how Miromaa may be used and your suitability to receive Miromaa via sponsorship.


This license if granted will permit you to install Miromaa on a personal computer for private use only.


If you are intending to install Miromaa on a computer not owned by you but an entity of some other type please request Miromaa on the appropriate organisation form.E.g. If you are a Language Centre or School do not use this form.


If you have any questions in how to complete this form please do not hesitate to contact us, we cant wait to help you obtain Miromaa.

Fields marked with a * are mandatory and missed be filled in.

This form is also for Indigenous linguists


Your Name *

Nb. "The license you are requesting will be granted in your name for your personal use only to be installed on your personal computer. Licenses are not transferable. Additional licenses can always be granted."

Your Community's Name *
Language Names *

We know we are all from somewhere and just by identifying as Aboriginal, Indigenous or Native etc does not really say who we are and where we are from. So let us know which group and then tell us more specifically who you identify as in the 'more precisely' box.

You Identify as *
More precisely you identify as
If you chose 'other' please let us know so we can add to list


Street *
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Phone *
    Your Email *


    If you have a desktop computer and a laptop you may want to install Miromaa on both, if so request 2 licenses. You can always request more licenses if needed, just complete this form again at a later stage.

    Number of Licenses Requested *Please choose between 1 and 4, you can always request more later if you wish
    Accept Terms *

    I acknowledge that by receiving Miromaa at no cost that my support options may be limited to the online support which Miromaa ALTC offers. Please refer to our support section to understand what we currently do.



    After you press SUBMIT, a little pop up window will appear to tell you everything was submitted successfully, and this will clear with your details safely removed.


    Or you may need to fix a required field.


    Usually within a minute you will receive an email to verify what you submitted, check your Junk folder if you don't see it.

    We process all requests ASAP,  but sometimes we get busy, we always hope to have them all done within 48 hours. If you are anxious, your email will have information on who and how to contact to speed it up. 


    We really do wish you all the besti n your "Language Journey", and if there is anything else we can do to help please do not hesitate to contact us.


    All the best,

    The Miromaa Team