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If you are an Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Indigenous, Native American, First Nations, Native person, or working with an Indigenous individual or group, you may be eligible to receive Miromaa at NO COST. See sponsorship options below:
Individual License
  • Are you an Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Indigenous, Native American, First Nations, Native person working directly on maintaining a traditional or endangered language?
Organisation License
  • Are you an Indigenous or Not for Profit Organisation (or similar organisation) working directly with the maintenance of an Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Indigenous, Native American, First Nations, or similar traditional or endangered language?
Linguist License
  • Are you a non-Indigenous linguist/researcher/other academic working directly with Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Indigenous, Native American, First Nations or Native in the maintenance of their traditional or endangered language?


  • UP TO 4 LICENSES: You may request up to 4 licenses per request, if you wish to obtain more than 4 licenses please complete a second request form.
  • DECISION FINAL: Every application will be reviewed by us and our sponsorship decision will be final.

Purchasing a licence

If you are an education entity, government department, for-profit or something similar or other as determined by us, you are to purchase a license. Or you might just be in a position to pay for a license which is great. Everything we receive allows us to keep providing licenses at no cost that it may not be so easy for. Please note that we have not increased our prices in 15 years of offering our software for purchase.


$550 p/license
  • Price incl gst
  • Phone support
  • Email support


$360 p/license
  • Saving approx. 33% - Price incl gst
  • Phone support
  • Email support


$275 p/license
  • Saving approx. 50% - Price incl gst
  • Phone support
  • Email support

What tech do I need to run Miromaa software?

The main point of Miromaa software is for it to be accessible and user-friendly. So what you need to run Miromaa software is pretty straight-forward. DON'T FORGET: We are here to help support you on your Miromaa language journey. Contact us anytime.


Definition of the term 'license' in relation to  Miromaa:

  • 1 x license allows you to install Miromaa on 1 x computer, 2 x licenses on 2 x computers etc.
  • If you uninstall Miromaa from 1 computer and you install it on a 3rd computer you will not be allowed as Miromaa knows about the previous 2 installs, your choices are either contacting us and we will reset your license or you can apply for additional licenses.
  • Any further questions just ask.


Miromaa ALTC is a not for profit charitable organisation, all monies received for purchasing Miromaa go to the continued development and support of Miromaa and to the maintenance of our traditional languages.


We reserve the right to alter any or all of the above offers at anytime.

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Since 2002 it's been quite a journey in the development of the Miromaa software. We have been listening to those who use Miromaa - and doing our best to respond to development requests where we can.

If you are interested in all the key changes Miromaa has gone through over the years, please click on the button below:  

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