1. You must have already obtained and installed Miromaa and have at least attempted to use Miromaa

2. If you haven't obtained Miromaa but wish to attend apply for Miromaa now

3. You must have a good understanding of Windows file management ie. Being able to save files and locate them easily on your computer.

4. Are confident in using a computer and products like Word, Publisher, Powerpoint etc, you may not be an expert but you at least are not afraid to have a go

5. We are not teaching you how to use a computer but how to take advantage of the power which exists with the technology and the basic skills you already have.

What to Bring:

1. Yourself of course

2. Your laptop in a sound working order with Miromaa installed - if you cant do this we have 10 laptops with Windows 7 and everything needed installed on them.

3. Your Miromaa DAT and multimedia files and folders on a USB memory stick if you have no laptop

4. Language evidence in some form, ie book, word list, dictionary, speaker, audio etc

This would be a self funded course, in other words you would have to fund yourself to attend, that would entail flying to Newcastle Airport and accommodating yourself in the city, there are some really nice places close to us, we also have the beaches and the harbour nearly at our doorstep.

We will provide catering during the days for morning tea, lunch and arvo tea.

We would look at the first day being a back to basic introduction and getting you back on track day, the next two days would be more specific in helping you really get to grips with using technology for your language activity. We envisage that the first day would be optional, those who are comfortable with the basics of Miromaa would not need to attend this day.

The next two days would include group lead activities in using Miromaa, Lexique Pro and other software programs, we will have on hand the latest technology hardware including Zoom recorders, digital cameras and video equipment. We will also attend to your own personal situations and needs in a one on one basis if so required.