At Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre (MALTC) our language activities are divided into three seperate categories;

Local - reviving and maintaining the local Awabakal language

We have designed and produced a range of printed and multi-media resources for learning the Awabakal language. These include activity booklets, songs, story books, flashcards, CD Roms, posters and more.

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We also conduct school workshops where the children learn some basic words, do some language activities and sing Awabakal songs.

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National - involves language technology development and training

We have developed tools and methods through using technology to empower Indigenous people everywhere to take control and be involved with the saving, preserving, sharing and conservation of their languages. These tools come under our namesake banner "Miromaa", which in our own local language Miromaa means "Saved".

With the need for technology and the understanding of its potential becoming more paramount each day we support our developments with the necessary training, this may be at our own centre in Newcastle or in the community location itself.

Miromaa has reached out to over 150 language areas in Australia, Torres Strait Islands and Internationally in areas like North America, Canada, South America and many more.

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Two national activities which we facilitate are the Puliima National Indigenous Language & Technology Forum held every two years and the "Our Languages" website.

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