A Handbook of Aboriginal Languages of NSW and ACT

A Handbook of Aboriginal Languages of NSW and ACT

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New South Wales was the first part of Australia to be colonised, so the written records of the state's Indigenous languages go back more than 200 years. A considerable body of linguistic information has accumulated over that period, bit is often hard to access and very uneven in its quality and coverage. A Handbook of Aboriginal Languages of NSW and VIC distils this information in a way taht puts it within reach of a broad audience.

The handbook is a guide to Aboriginal languages, with illustrative vocabularies. It is divided into two parts: the first part, which includes maps, is a survey of the Indigenous languages of NSW and the ACT, giving information about dialects, locations and resourcesb available for language revitalisation; the second part provides word-lists in practical spelling for 42 district language varieties. There is also useful information on contact languages, sign languages and kinship classification, as well as an appendix on placenames. 

The handbook is a valuable reference and educational resource, useful to Aboriginal people who want to revitalise their languages and to those in the broader community who simply want to know more about the state's rich linguistic heritage. It will be particularly helpful in the planning and implementation of primary, secondary and tertiary educational programs dealing with Aboriginal languages and linguistics.

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