Awabakal Language Resource Kit - Wildlife

Awabakal Language Resource Kit - Wildlife

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The Wildlife Awabakal Language Resource Book is a great introduction to the Awabakal Language. Have fun learning all the Awabakal names of the different animals.

This book includes a pronounciation guide, a detailed dictionary with pictures: Awabakal to English then English to Awabakal, 12 fun language activites and cultural information that is related to wildlife.

Other language resources may be purchased to accompany the The Wildlife Language Resource Book. These include a set of 50 Wildlife Flash Cards, a set of 40 Wildlife Snap/Memory Game Cards and an A3 Wildlife Poster.

NOTE: Printed copies no longer available for purchase.




  • Author: Super User
  • Publisher: Miromaa ALTC
  • ISBN-13: 978 0 9804680 7 6
  • Pages: 70 pages

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