Miromaa Support

You can contact us via

Phone: +61 24940 9100

Email: miromaa@acra.org.au 

TeamViewer Remote QuickSupport

Please pre-arrange a TeamViewer Support call

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We can also do TEAMS and ZOOM with prior

+61 2 4940 9100
L1/9 Main Rd Boolaroo

Download & Install Miromaa

You will receive an email with your licence key to use Miromaa and detailed instructions for the initial steps to download, install and start Miromaa.

  1. Click on the link in the email that says ‘DOWNLOAD MIROMAA NOW’.
    It may take a few minutes or longer to download depending on your internet connection.
    1 DI Miromaa license and product key details
  2. Once downloaded the Miromaa package may begin to install by itself, if so skip to step 6. If it doesn’t, navigate to your Downloads Folder...for those of us not familiar with Windows it can be found by clicking: 

    2 DI install areas

    To open this window: 

    3 DI open downloads folder

  3. Click on Downloads
  4. Double click on the Miromaa Setup Icon.
  5. The package will ask your permission to install the program, click ‘Run’ 

    4 DI run

  6. You will be greeted by the ‘Setup Wizard’ a tiny man in a cloak and a cap who will go inside your computer and magically install Miromaa...click Next

    5 DI wizard

  7. Please read all the fine print then click on ‘I Agree’ if you agree, then click Next.

    6 DI licence agree

  8. Please read the information about Registration. Click Next.

    7 DI register and use

  9. Please enter your name and the Product Key you received in your welcome email. See step 2 if you are unsure where to find this

    8 DI customer info

  10. Click ‘Register Now’ to register your copy of Miromaa

    9 DI register now

  11. Click on ‘Validate Registration Key’
    10 DI registration key 
  12. A Box will pop up confirming your registration. Click ‘OK’

    11 DI registered okay

  13. Close the two windows by clicking on the red arrow in the top right corner. This will take you back to this screen.
  14. Click ‘Next’ to continue.
    12 DI reg now next
  15. Click ‘Next’ to select the default location (recommended) for the installation.

    13 DI select install folder

  16. Click ‘Next’ to start the installation.

    14 DI confirm install

    Congratulations you are ready to start your journey with Miromaa!!

    15 Download and Install Complete
  17. Click on ‘Close’

The Miromaa icon will have appeared on your desk top.
It will stay there when you turn off and start up your computer, waiting for you whenever you wish to do your language work.

16 DI desktop view