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NOURISHING MATTERS PODCAST (2 episodes) 15.9.21 & 21.9.2022

2022 marks the beginning of the UN International Decade of Indigenous Languages. First Nation's languages are precious and many are on the precipice of loss, so now, more than ever, it's critical to preserve and conserve them.

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What perspectives and approaches can indigenous knowledge offer the planet as we move toward the future? The first CQC session kicks off with important indigenous perspectives on ecology past, present and future

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Endangered Languages Project, Podcast Channel (U.S.) 1.7.20

Episode 2 of Voices of Resilience: Let's talk about making records of languages for future generations, and how language documentation supports language reclamation - plus, how we need to expand our thinking on what we document and how we produce knowledge. 

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Newcastle Herald 18.6.2017

A MISSION to protect and preserve the world’s native languages is quietly being won in Newcastle. And the man behind it, Daryn McKenny,  says the battle isn’t over until every native language is given a fighting chance.

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NITV 17.11.2015

Language is a precious asset, a commodity that many are doing their utmost to preserve. NITV looks at how one Newcastle-based organisation united 240 passionate experts from across the globe in a bid to help to save Indigenous languages worldwide.

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