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4.3 Equipment

- Your Language Journey Workbook -

Miromaa Technology kit

The Miromaa Technology Kit is made up of a range of equipment which we feel are the best examples of products currently available. On the following pages we will talk about each piece of equipment and how we recommend you use and set up this equipment for your recording sessions.

1 Equipment

2 Equipment

Language Technology and how it is used in a snapshot:

  • A high quality digital audio recorder with extra microphones for various situations, for example handheld vocal mics or discreet lapel mics.

  • Add in a digital camera to record video (with video mic or lapel mic) at the same time as the optimum practice.

  • Use Audacity or similar program to edit and improve the quality of your recordings.

  • Windows Movie Maker for cutting and editing your videos.

  • Adhere to our best practice file management systems.

  • Upload your audio and video to Miromaa in full (for conversations, songs etc.) and as smaller files or sound bytes (for words, sentences, pronunciation).


Digital Audio Recorder
3 Equipment

Your digital audio recorder is a key part of your kit so it’s important to purchase the best quality available with your budget. You will use your recorder to record speakers in high quality sound and it can be used either inside set up as a recording studio scenario or be taken outside on country in it’s portable capacity using batteries.

The one we currently recommend is the Zoom H5 digital audio recorder. We recommend this product as it is excellent value and has all of the major features which more expensive units may have. You can also obtain alternative microphones which clip on and off the unit.

H5 features

  • 4 track simultaneous recording.
  • Interchangeable input capsules: allows you to select the best microphone for the situation.
  • Can create multi-track recordings: good for when you are recording multiple speakers on individual microphones.
  • Can use it to create quality audio for video.
  • Connect the Zoom to the computer by USB and the Zoom then becomes a digital interface and allows you to record directly to your computer or iPad using the full capabilities of this digital device and its options.

4 Equipment

Power and storage

  • Requires 2 AA batteries.
  • Can also be plugged into power.
  • Will record approximately 15 hours continuous recording before needing to be charged.
  • Records directly onto an SD card (amount card can hold depends on the card size, we recommend 32GB).

The Zoom H5 accessory pack includes a hair windsock, USB power supply cable and remote control.

6 Equipment

Other uses
Connect to camera to record high quality digital audio.

7 Equipment

Connect to Desktop, Laptop or iPad device as a digital audio recorder.

8 Equipment

Further information https://www.zoom.co.jp


9 Equipment

Vocal microphone

We recommend a good quality vocal microphone in your kit. The one we use and have included is a Sennheiser dynamic microphone. The microphone connects to the Zoom H5 XLR input which will expand the versatility of this device. The Zoom H5 X/Y Mic capsule (standard with the H5) is comprised of two matched unidirectional condenser microphones set at a 90 degree angle.

Further Information
Sennheiser e835
For further understanding of microphones there is this excellent tutorial online http://music.tutsplus.com/tutorials/the-ultimate-vocal-recording-tutorial--audio-17783

Mic Desk tripod
For the vocal microphone to help eliminate any hand noise which a sensitive mic may pick up. It also provides stability and frees up your hands to operate the recording device.

10 Equipment

Digital Camera with Video
Good quality digital cameras are fantastic tools that will enable you to:

  • Take high quality still images
  • Make high definition video recordings
  • Digitise or scan documents

11 Equipment


12 Equipment
External Microphone

By adding an external microphone onto the camera you can record stereo quality audio recording for your videos. This microphone shoe horns on top of camera and comes with it’s own hairy windsock.




Sturdy Quality Tripod 13 Equipment

A tripod helps you keep your camera still and free from any handheld shake. The one which we show above is well made, sturdy, compact but versatile for both photographing and videoing. The added bonus is that it can also be transformed so that it can assist with scanning or digitising documents, books etc.



External hard-drive

An external hard drive (ExtHD) is going to be a very versatile support tool for you. Its uses will include backing up your important language work and Miromaa databases and also for possibly archiving any media which you may capture.

But not all ExtHD’s are the same. Yes you can go to your local office supply business and purchase a 1 terabyte hard drive for $79, but it will certainly not have the durability, performance and longevity features you need.

Two brands we suggest looking at are:

  1. Lacie Rugged Mini ExtHD http://www.lacie.com 
  2. Buffalo MiniStation Extreme http://www.buffalo-technology.com

You may pay twice the price than the cheaper options, but it will be worth it, and what you will be storing on is valued far greater than the drive itself.

14 Equipment


SD cards15 Equipment

We use reputable brands like Sandisk, the different models will vary in size and performance depending on your needs for audio, photo and video recording. High quality video requires a fast card determined by the recording transfer rate of data. Ask your retailer what they suggest after describing your needs. https://www.sandisk.com.au


Pelican Case16 Equipment

This is the case it all sits in. Pelican is a top brand for cases. They are waterproof, highly durable case for protecting your equipment and they are lockable.

The Pelican cases are a rugged case made from an ultrahigh impact structural copolymer shell. The ones we use comes with Pick ‘N’ Pluck foam with the LOC lid organizer. The ultimate protection for your items; the Pelican case is chemical resistant, corrosion resistant, airtight, watertight, and dust proof. http://www.pelicancases.com



Quality padlocks for security when travelling or storing are highly recommended.