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National Indigenous Times 11.10.2006

The work of the Indigenous Creative Enterprise Centre (ICEC) in Newcastle has been given a boost with the donation of 8 laptop computers by Avanade Australia. 

ICEC is a centre of IT Training, Indigenous business incubation and cultural language promotion.

Avanade Australia, a global technology integrator for Microsoft enterprise solutions, has donated the laptops to help with remote IT training.

"The donation of the 8 laptop computers is invaluable," said Daryn McKenny, general manager of ICEC.

"These machines will be used to assist in setting up a remote training room where we will be able to take the classroom to our communities, wherever they may be."

ICEC benefits the local community by improving the IT skill base in the Indigenous and broader community. It also aims to enhance the long-term business sustainability for Aboriginal small businesses through IT training. 

ICEC receives support through the Microsoft "Unlimited Potential" program, a community initiative that aims to help people across Australia overcome the digital divide within their communities, regardless of their circumstances. 

ICEC also supports Arwarbukarl Cultural Resource Association with IT equipment for cultural and language preservation. Arwarbukarl is an organisation set up for the purpose of Aboriginal language maintenance and revival.

"There are over 250 Aboriginal languages across Australia with over 800 dialects and it is important that we try to preserve these languages for future generations and utilise technology wherever we can," said mr McKenny.

"I was very impressed with the purpose built application aimed at preserving these threatened languages," said John Poole, Customer Director for Avanade.

"Using these laptops to take the language program to the communities realy does support ICEC's byline - "Where Tradition meets Technology" - and Avanade is very pleased to be able to support ICEC's work in this field."